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Cooking Your Spanish®   is a learning academy through food. We have developed a unique methodology to teach Spanish, French, Italian or Science at the same time you learn culinary skills. Our staff is highly qualified and certified from Harvard University in Food & Science.

How does our methodology work? Do not guess it, just come to any of our free demos.
Send us an email to dsanchez@cookingyourspanish.com or call us on 07503 727320

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Everything included: lessons, food, drinks
Native tutors | small groups
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Courses and activities all year round
For adults: regular terms (levels 1, 2 and 3), one to one, intensive courses,
Bespoke: birthday parties, at work, clubs, associations, group of friends
Gastro-trips to Spain: learn or improve your Spanish and enjoy unforgettable food!
The learning bar: Now you can enjoy our workshops and activities in your favorite restaurant, pub or coffee shop near you!
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 The Spanish Tapas Club: our gastronomic society – let’s cook and talk!
For the family: learning together- what an experience!
For business: networking events making tapas, team building or Spanish for business

CLIL: Learn Science making tapas 
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Definition of our levels
  • Level 1:  you are new to the Spanish language, or you are able to say a few memorised words or greetings in Spanish.
  • Level 2: you are able to say a few sentences on familiar topics for everyday needs, or you have attended our level 1 course.
  • Level 3: you are able to maintain simple conversations on a variety of familiar topics, or you have attended our level 2 course

For more information or registration send us an email or call us on 07503 727320

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